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Wow, I totally forgot I had these. I made them at the beginning of the year as part of a secret santa exchange, so that dates them a bit. I had a lot of help from people suggesting color songs for me, though, which I appreciate beyond belief, so I wanted to post them and let you all see how they turned out. ^_^

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Since I'm really getting into iconning right now (I'm so excited about the Master and Commander ones I made last night! Hee!) I simply could not pass up this particular meme. I don't know where it originated, but I got it from [ profile] prpl_pen.


1. Choose an episode of an anime or television series you have on your computer. Make sure you're certain you want that one, you cannot change or mind once you skip this step. DO NOT TELL YOUR FLIST WHAT YOU CHOSE.
2. Make note of how long the episode is here -> 23:06
3. Ask your f-list to choose a time between 00:00 and whatever the length of your episode is. Be specific, (ie: 19:11, 21:09, 02:42)
4. Make them an icon using THAT FRAME ONLY no matter what it is. And remember, you can only use that ONE episode you chose previous, even if the person posting isn't familiar with it.

SPAM ME NOW!!! I'll make the icons after church today. ^_^

Jaa ne!

Edit: Ok, since it looks like I've gotten as many requests as I'm going to get, I thought I'd list my resources and whatnot. You know, give credit where credit is due. SO!

I used this table generator to post the images because I fail at LJ.

This texturing tutorial by [ profile] iconsbycurtana is where I referenced texturing methods and a number of the textures used.

Light textures by [ profile] uncreativ

Frame and color textures by [ profile] eowyn_rus

Textures by [ profile] daintybird

And of course, One Piece, made by Toei and Eiichiro Oda. ^_^

Edit2: I re-organized my photobucket account, so I apologize for all the broken links. You can see them here.
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Hey look! A megaton of icons by Mags! This is my first official bunch, I'm really new at this, so concrit is definitely appreciated! I'd really love to be able to make spectacular icons. But we all gotta start somewhere. So yeah. Also, LOTS of secondary/tertiary character love here, guys. You've been warned.

Muse x 14
Calgara/Family x 2
Dragon x 2
Pell x 1
Crocodile x 1
Eyelashes/Nami x 1
Nico Robin x 20

Icons galore )
Notes: Crossposted like whoa. Most are bases. If you use them, please credit me. Comments are appreciated. ^_^


Nov. 18th, 2008 11:03 pm
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So, the more I use my default icon, (the blue one you see here with this post), the more I think Ed looks scarily like Johnny Depp out of the corner of my eye.

Now you can't unsee it.


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