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arr, Arr, ARRR!

I noticed a lot of people put up "to do" lists which they update with percentages quite often, and I think it will be useful for me as well. So, with that in mind:

Mark of the Beast final: 5% (Hanuman researched, main theses decided.)
CAPSA poster: 1% (They haven't emailed me the files they said they would so I could work on it. I'm beginning to wonder if they really want my help...)
Stats assignments: yeah, right.
Weightlifting: 2 classes left (don't die)
Color woodcut: 10% (designed, color scheme decided, wood prepped. Need to mix colors, tear paper, begin edition)
Shoudo scroll: 10% (kanji decided, pattern decided, cloth sewn, accessories bought. Need to buy poster board, large rice paper, draw characters, assemble scroll.)

Wow. Looks like I've got a lot going on. I have to go in to Wally world again on monday to get the papers so I can go pee in a cup and see if they will hire me. Guess I'll have to take my prescription in to the drug testing just in case there's still some in my system. Thankfully, though, I feel a lot better. Yay!

Also, I found out about this really cute Salvadorean restaurant out in Providence. Went there with my spanish class. Loved it. It has the right taste, and I'm so excited to be able to order some yucca frita con platanos. I was just thinking to myself the other day how much I missed those foods, then out of the blue, a place that serves them, and cheap! Plus, they had jugo de maracuya to die for. I almost felt like I was back in a polleria in Peru. So I'm taking my friends a few at a time to check the place out over the next few weeks. :D Also had a really nice boy take me to the thai place here in logan to check out their wares. It was good, but not as good as Mint Thai in Mesa. but oh well. We tried some lychee juice, which was really interesting and good. it was like, a sweet grapefruit juice. honestly, I was reminded of the guanabana fruit, but seeing as how no one really knows what that tastes like... heh.

well, gotta finish eating. it's a big day today. after work I get to book it home and get myself all prettied up for my grandpa's big birthday thing over at Maddox. Apparently, he's really old and we're gonna celebrate. Go figure. :) It'll be nice to see the fam, though. I run around so much I don't really get a chance to keep up.


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