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EDIT: lol this was an embedded video of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead", which I brazenly posted the day Osama bin Laden died. It decided to turn into "I'm Han Solo" for some reason that I really can't comprehend. Also, even though ObL was, as far as I can tell, a completely terrible person and a coward, I found it hard to really be "happy" at his death. Instead, I almost felt a sense of tragedy for the life he'd lead, a sadness for whatever events had lead him to feel such hatred for others, and that here was a life wasted and misused in one of the grossest ways possible. The things he did, and the hatred he inspired throughout the world will, unfortunately, never be undone.

But I feel there's a lesson here as well. Once, he was a baby; a small, innocent child. He wasn't born a killer. Someone taught him that. I would hope that we can look back at the lives of horrendous people like bin Laden or Hitler, and realize just how massively important it is to teach the children in our lives to love others even if they're different from us, or make choices we don't approve of. Nothing anyone does or believes justifies hatred in our hearts.
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