magharabi: (Robin~ shucks)
2010-12-28 11:33 am

Old post is incomplete but posted now for posterity >.>

No baby yet, but good guts we're getting close. And thank heavens, too, because I don't know how much longer I can stand to have completely numb hands all day, ankles the size of cantaloupes, feet swollen to the point that I'll barely, if I push hard, fit into MEN'S size 11 shoes, and heartburn that rips through both Prilosec OTC and half a bottle of Tums. (Shrek's little adage of "better out than in".... yeah. No. It isn't.)

That's not even getting started on the tmi about my hips, my butt, and that little strip of muscle that runs between the legs and how THOSE are feeling. Srsly though. They should like, give women a handicap hangar for their car for the last month of pregnancy. The act of lifting the legs- be it forward, sideways, wherever- is pure agony. And there's NEVER a parking spot anywhere near the store. It never really bothered me before. Then again, every step I took didn't feel like an accomplishment of Olympic proportions before, either. Ah, perspective. How thou changest.

I guess it would be nice to put the rest of my ramblings under a cut, yeah? Yeah. )