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Hey all!

Yes, I know, I dropped off the face of the earth. Actually, no, I didn't. I've just been doing other things. Hehe. Anyway.

I got a few sketches done for Dragon's Own, but now I'm stuck. I'm working on the intro and I need an image of a sick old man in a bed with his family all around him giving the last of his life's power to a kneeling knight. And the figures, angles, background, armor (i.e. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IMAGE) are killing me! Has it really been that long since I drew people? yes. Am I really so out of drawing practice that I can't draw a bed? yes again. So... printmaking classes really did ruin me as an artist. I should have sucked it up and gone to more figure drawing classes, or taken more painting, as that would have lead me to work on landscapes and objects and such.

In other news all of my grades finally posted so I'll have my actual degree in short order. We also got a new digital camera for Christmas, so I've totally messed up my finally almost clean living room and am taking photos of all of my artwork in order to build a digital portfolio. This is a project I've been wanting to do for years, so yay! I like to end on a happy note.

Also, o/ to Nix and Rei. Hi guys!

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