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Not nearly as exciting as the first, since we didn't get an ultrasound done today. But baby is doing good.

tl;dr and probably some tmi under the cut woot! )


Laurel Ann, Laurelyn, Kaylee, Sadie, Zachary, Elijah, Michael. Our last name is Ligon (lih-GONE). I'm sure we'll be more creative once we figure out if Morphberry is a boy or a girl. *nod nod*
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Wednesday was my first visit to an OB/GYN. I have heard that they usually don't bother doing an ultrasound until 20 weeks (and I'm only at 12) BUT he did one anyway! Apparently he likes to do them at about 9 weeks. So.

Ultrasound pics and tl;dr aplenty under the cut! )

So. Sorry for the wall o' text. It's been awhile since I updated and, as you can see, A LOT has happened. ^_^ It's so exciting!
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Well, what an exciting week! I've been super busy working on the career fair and the Founder's Day celebration for the university, which means that homework has fallen even farther behind. thankfully this week is spring break so I don't have to worry about classes on top of work on top of getting caught up. Heh. Also, at the founder's day celebration I saw a floral arrangement that I really loved out in the foyer, and I decided I'd like it to be part of my reception. It consisted of two lamps (these ones) and a large glass flowerpot with a pretty arrangement. It was gorgeous! So I ask the designer where she got the lamps, how much they cost, etc, and she actually gave me four of them for my reception! Awesomeness! Then I found out I got an additional grant because I'm poor and in school, so I cashed my check yesterday for $1000! Woot! I can afford to buy Fox's wedding ring now! And rent. And have some in my savings account again! Yays and stuff! !!!!

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