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What is it, the apocalypse or something? No. I just have the blogging bug right now I guess. Anyway.

So, still looking for viable job options. I put some stuff up on Etsy to see if I could get it sold. (Go check it out! If Etsy doesn't work out, I might go try Ebay, but I thought there might be a better chance at Etsy, seeing as how it focuses on art. But then again, maybe not. Rar.

In other news: I freakin' hate ants. We have them all over right outside our house, and the little buggers just come on in and eat our cats' food. Oooh, it irks me. Well, we don't really know what to do to get rid of them because they only seem interested in the cat food, and cats have very delicate stomaches. We worry about anything we get to kill the ants making our babies sick as well. So we've resorted to patching up any holes we see with baking soda paste. Won't kill a kitty, but it's apparently salty enough that the ants can't eat it. Yay!

What was funny is that they had a pretty big opening in one corner of the kitchen (conveniently located right behind where we decided to put the cat food, too), but it wasn't quite big enough for the food chunks they were grabbing, so they had to break them down, and that's how I found it. So big tuff hubby patches it and we go about killing the "survivors". A few days later there are just as many ants as there were before. So I look and sure enough, the little buggers still have their line going... only this time they are fitting through the moulding! Thing is, they really have a tough time fitting themselves in the tiny space they've got, and they definitely can't fit any food chunks. So they start just piling it up in front of the spot they are coming through. I don't think they got any of it through. I cleaned it up today and patched that entire side with the baking soda paste. We'll see if that curbs their enthusiasm. Anyway. I just thought it was funny that they spent days and days gathering this food that none of them could ultimately use. Losers.

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