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Fandom: One Piece
Character(s): Baby 5, Sai
Categories: Gen, mentions of being engaged
Warnings: Kinda violent


Baby 5 took a deep, exasperated drag on her cigarette and let it out in a huff. She really didn't have time for this shit. Twelve men surrounded her, keeping her from being useful to her darling fiance. He was depending on her to keep the entrance to this road safe. It made her heart skip, and brought a radiant smile to her face. Yes, she could be useful. She didn't need to be annoyed when these men offered her an opportunity to hear those sweet, wonderful words come out of his mouth. You did good, Baby 5, he'd say. I don't know how I ever got along without you. Eeee, it was just too much, and she covered her brightly blushing cheeks with her fingers as the men pressed ever closer.

“Get outta the way, you bitch!” one yelled. Another added, “Just cut her down and let's go.”


The smile faded quickly, replaced by an annoyed snarl.

“I already told you my fiance doesn't want anyone coming down this street.” It had direct access to the port, where Don Sai's fleet was harbored. He and his army were fighting somewhere else on the island. Sure, there were still soldiers on the ships, but he'd trusted her to keep the fighting on land. These vile mouthed curs were her responsibility.

One of the dogs sneered. “You're probably the only one who cares what some prissy boytoy wants.” It startled her, and her eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed.

“Of course I'm the only one who cares. That's why I have to kill you now,” Baby 5 dropped the filter of her cigarette onto the ground and stubbed it out with her foot. Her arms became machine guns. “If I don't give him what he wants, no one else will!”

The curs scattered quickly after that. The ones that didn't take a couple dozen rounds in their guts, anyway. Baby 5 smiled grimly. It was only the first volley, the dogs were already regrouping, getting smarter. She switched one arm to a long barreled sniper rifle with a good scope, her other hand returning to normal so that she could use it to brace herself, keep her aim true against the kickback. One of the curs died behind a water barrel, her bullet piercing his neck where he hid. Sloppy, she'd been aiming for his head. Three flanked her with swords and axes, having circled around while she lined up her shot. Baby 5 jumped back, her leg becoming a cutlass that swept their shorter, man made weapons aside with ease. She fell back into a handspring, her trailing foot a pistol that fired into the melee to break it up, but she took one of the men in his shoulder so that was even better. She landed with normal legs in a crouch, her torso having taken the form of a blunderbuss which fired repeatedly when she pushed the trigger. The other two fell in quick succession, and in their cries she heard her beloved proclaiming loud and heartfelt thanks. Another cur leaped out of cover, firing a shotgun, and just when she was having a pleasant thought too. Jerk. He missed, mostly, but some of the scatter shot embedded itself into her thigh, making her howl in pain. Baby 5 skewered him with a crossbow bolt she made from her middle finger, because screw that guy. That made eight down, including the ones who'd gotten caught in the first barrage. Blinking back tears, Baby 5 formed her arms into pistols, backing up a few steps even though her leg burned and threatened to collapse. She formed it into a long rifle, dulling the pain and adding stability. But she didn't know where the last ones had gone, and her breathing was loud in her ears.

She'd have to draw them out.

Letting her leg melt back into flesh, she let out a pain-filled wail, dropping to the ground in a pitiful heap. It wasn't hard, she really did hurt. She turned one of her pistols back into a hand, and pressed her palm against one of the bloodier wounds, cringing.

"I'm so useless," she lamented. And meant it. "What am I gonna do? They'll just run right past me!"

It... worked! Three men came at her from different directions, running full bore, only one of them bothering to look like he was going to attack her. Baby 5 bit her lip, feeling anger rise up within her. What a bunch of morons, thinking they could just run past her because she bled a little! And how dare they ruin her mission and get in the way of being useful! It made her mad, she let it make her unreasonably angry, so that she felt like she could explode. She morphed into a bomb and did just that, throwing her fury in all directions. She shredded them all, and the pavement and the buildings and everything else in the street, and found satisfaction. It took a few minutes, but eventually she pulled herself back together afterward, and quietly pressed a cigarette between her lips, shifting her thumb into a lighter in order to start it burning. It tasted vaguely of menthol, and she breathed it deeply, letting out a thick plume of smoke and then giggling. People were always so surprised when she blew herself up. But it was worth it, every time.

And then she was flying through the air, and smashed face first into a building. A moment later someone shoved against her, her cheek ground against brick. She felt something sharp poking around in her side then slide free, leaving a wide gash. It took her breath away.

"Pirate bitch!" the man growled. That's right, he was a cur. But now there was venom in his voice. Was he a snake all along? "I'll cut you to pieces!"

The something dug in again, higher, by her ribs. Baby 5 tried to scream but she couldn't breathe. It came out as a squeak. Her attacker grabbed the back of her dress and threw her to the ground, leaping after her, a blood-stained knife held high. When she hit, her head snapped back and cracked against the ground, putting stars in her vision. She couldn't really see, but the man was screaming, a fierce, aggrieved, guttural sound. Baby 5 made her arms into blades, thick long ones that reached up to her elbows, and with an unladylike sound of her own, thrust them forward to defend herself. He stabbed her arm, but it lacked the force she expected. A moment later her vision cleared and she knew why.

She'd skewered him twice. His face showed shock, probably still from the impact. Baby 5 rolled onto her side and weakly pushed him off her arms with her foot, then returned the blades to normal, her hands holding the wounds in her torso as their blood mingled in the streets. She hurt so much, but mixed with tears of pain were tears of joy. No one got past her. She'd been useful after all!

Some hazy time later, they found her. Soldiers of the Happou Navy. They swore, yelled at each other to fetch medics, picked her up in strong, tender arms to lay her on a litter, ran with her back to the nearest ship. Soon there was more poking around, but smaller, gentler, drawing her together rather than tearing her apart. Her fiance arrived later, looking haggard, his clothes torn, dirty, and disheveled. He'd been worrying that much over her? What a guy.

"Are you alright?"

Baby 5 stared at him, her eyebrow arched. Don Sai, Thirteenth General of the Happou Navy, inheritor of the Hasshoken and the Third Commander of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, withered. Visibly. He sighed, glancing around the room pointedly. Baby 5 remained firm. He caved.

"Are you alright, dear?"

With a smile as brilliant as the sun, Baby 5 replied. "I'm perfect."
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