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No baby yet, but good guts we're getting close. And thank heavens, too, because I don't know how much longer I can stand to have completely numb hands all day, ankles the size of cantaloupes, feet swollen to the point that I'll barely, if I push hard, fit into MEN'S size 11 shoes, and heartburn that rips through both Prilosec OTC and half a bottle of Tums. (Shrek's little adage of "better out than in".... yeah. No. It isn't.)

That's not even getting started on the tmi about my hips, my butt, and that little strip of muscle that runs between the legs and how THOSE are feeling. Srsly though. They should like, give women a handicap hangar for their car for the last month of pregnancy. The act of lifting the legs- be it forward, sideways, wherever- is pure agony. And there's NEVER a parking spot anywhere near the store. It never really bothered me before. Then again, every step I took didn't feel like an accomplishment of Olympic proportions before, either. Ah, perspective. How thou changest.

We did finally get the nursery pretty much up though. It's still got some of our junk in it that we just really have no idea of where else to put it, BUT. Crib is up. Morphberry has his own little chest of drawers, and a changing table. Last thing is to get a glider to put in there for nursing, and we're good to go! I'm so excited. ^_^ We also have a bassinet in our bedroom. The rest of the house... looks like a tornado blew through it. My mom's going to pitch a fit and have kittens when she gets here to help me after the baby comes. Because I'm not so sure we're gonna get it all cleaned up before then. I just can't move some days, and Husby comes home utterly exhausted from work. (Apparently the other day he passed out while driving the forklift, this is how literally exhausted his body is. I just. I don't know how to keep him healthy when work seems bent on killing him. And lately, I've been needing his help after work, too. So basically he gets no break. Ever. I don't know what to do.) Anyway. Oh! And we got our car seat in and installed properly. We thought we wouldn't be able to have someone in the front passenger seat because the car seat was too big, but it turns out we hadn't put it in right, and now we CAN actually have someone in the passenger seat- as long as they don't mind their knees being right up against the dash and sitting straight up in the chair. >.>

BUT HEY! It means we can wait a year for the transmission to die before trying to find a newer car, instead of being forced to look for one now while we're trying to pay for Morphberry. |D

Did I mention that my hands have been numb lately? It makes typing hard. So. To those of you who I was in the middle of a conversation with in other posts and whatnot, I apologize. It's not that I forgot you. It's that I rarely have the willpower to put up with trying to type. This post is a first in weeks. I have so much to say and already I'm ready to give up.

Doc says my cervix is about 70% effaced and just beginning to dilate. It's also turned, or something, to line itself up right to let the baby out. This is good news. There are a number of storms blowing in this weekend and changes in barometric pressure apparently have the adverse side effect of putting pregnant women into labor. \o/ Even though Morphberry isn't due 'til Jan 10, he's considered full term already and can be safely delivered whenever he and my body decide it would be fun. Which of course, to my mind says, "whenever it will be the least convenient". Husby's at work and this is the one day that no other managers can come in to the store to relieve him, all the neighbors are gone, the power's out, my phone is dead and it's a blizzard? PERFECT! :D A little walkin' never hurt nobody.
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