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Ok, so. Nesting has now subsided to manageable levels. That said, I'll likely be making a series of posts to catch up on everything that has been going on in the last month or so. This is because, for one thing, it's easier to organize that way. For another, I am still nesting and going through boxes to clean up my baby's room. (Yes, we have a lot of crap we keep moving with us, that we just sort of shoved into that extra bedroom. I'm getting rid of it now, and organizing what we want to keep.)

That said, let's begin at the beginning!

August 31- Doctor's checkup post-ultrasound. He likes to meet up with his patients the week after their ultrasound in order to address any concerns they may have or questions that may have arisen as a result of their ultrasound. Since the images were cloudy, and the gender was... err, 85% certain, he had me lay down and hurriedly whipped out the ultrasound wand himself and got a really nice, clear shot of Morphberry's wanker. Definitely a boy.

Sadly, Husby couldn't get out of work that day, so a friend of mine went with me. SHE was ecstatic that she got to see the baby. This friend, Alley, has been more or less a part of my life since we were in like, 7th grade. So at least it was someone I'm comfortable with, who knows me, who grew up with me. But it was still kind of sad because I really wanted Husby to be there. Anyway.

I had been getting some seriously nasty heartburn for a couple of weeks, and it didn't show any signs of letting up. You know it's bad when TUMS give you heartburn. But that's where I was. The nurse gave me some Prilosec OTC samples to try, and I showed the OB my prescription that the Dermatologist had given me, which he okayed. He said that the reason they flag antibiotics like that for pregnant women is that they make you more prone to things like yeast infections- and as a pregnant woman, you're already really prone to yeast infections. So, be careful, keep super clean, and call him at the first sign of itching so he can get me taken care of if needs be. Woot.

Alley, all excited about the now-verified nephew, then proceeded to take me to Wal-Mart and drag me through the baby section. She bought him a couple of really cute outfits (His first clothes!) and I found myself starting to get all woobie. I can't wait to have him in my arms sometimes. Other times, I'm quite content to have him tucked safely inside my stomach where he can't get into things, doesn't make any noise, and doesn't make any messes. Anyway. Buying baby clothes is kind of tricky, especially when the birth is still a few months out. You have to consider the season, and how old they'll be when they can use the clothes. I found myself counting months on my fingers a bazillion times, and that in the space of like, one hour. Heh.
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